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From Dubai with Love


Our extraordinaire Taarana kids were given a time of their lives when the “Rashid Stars,” who are students of the Rashid Paediatric Centre in Dubai, came by for a week long of cultural exchange program to Taarana, supported by QNET.

The Taarana School was filled with the kids’ joyful laughter and beautiful smiles! The entire week was dedicated to traditional Malaysian dances, such as “Dikir Barat”, combined with a fun art attack session. This was followed by Rashid Centre’s students performing their classic and fresh dance numbers.

It was indeed a superb experience for the kids, coming together in the spirit of international friendship and unity.

“We hope our friendship agreement with Rashid Centre will help raise awareness of the potential of children with special needs. This initiative will undoubtedly provide the children with an opportunity to experience a new culture, new place and meet with new people,” said the graceful Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran, Chairperson of Vijayaratnam Foundation.

RYTHM Foundation’s Trustee, the lovely Ms Donna Imson, who is also the Chairperson for QNET said that QNET regional headquarters in the UIAE had signed a friendship agreement last year with Rashid Centre to provide assistance in various ways.

“QNET has always had a soft-spot for children with special needs. We want to support them and help nurture their natural talents and creativity. We brought Rashid Stars here for a one-of-a kind discovery of Malaysia, especially to interact with their counterparts at Taarana.

The QNET-Rashid Centre collaboration is a special student exchange program that is in line with QNET’s “Touching a Billion Heartscampaign which is dedicated to educating, inspiring and working with others to create a brighter future for those in need,” noted Ms Donna.