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Taarana Wins Best Special Education Centre of the Year Award!


This achievement is a testament to our students’ progress, the dedication of our educators, and the unwavering support of parents.

We are thrilled to announce that Taarana School has been recognised as the ‘Best Special Education Centre of the Year’ at the PEEAM Eduawards 2024!

This accolade, presented by the Private Educational Entrepreneur Association of Malaysia (PEEAM), honours Taarana and RYTHM Foundation for their steadfast dedication to advancing special education.

Taarana, initially qualifying under the Best Education segment, emerged as the Elite Winner (the best), showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence and our exceptional standards in special education.

This recognition underscores Taarana’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment where students with special education needs thrive and achieve their full potential. Through innovative educational practices and compassionate support, Taarana empowers our students to overcome challenges and enthusiastically embrace learning.

“We are deeply honoured to receive this award, which highlights our ongoing mission to provide a quality education that is inclusive and transformative,” said Taarana’s Principal, Dr Sunitha Sivakumaran.

“This achievement is a testament to our students’ progress, the hard work and dedication of our educators and staff, and the unwavering support of our community and parents.

Taarana continues to set the bar high, exemplifying excellence and inspiring future generations. This milestone is not just a celebration of our past achievements but also a promise of the bright future that lies ahead!