Passionate, patient and understanding educators dedicated to providing your child with the tools and guidance to succeed

Comprehensive programmes

Catering to the specific needs of individual students to ensure that each child fulfils their potential.


Promoting holistic and well-rounded development through diverse activities that encourage learning.


Spacious ground that include facilities like calming room, life skills room and more

Why Choose Taarana

Taarana offers a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of all students. Learning and skills development are personalised, ensuring that each child fulfils their potential.
  • One-stop centre for special needs
  • Customised education and therapy plans
  • Needs-based scholarships

Our Activities


Field Trips and Outdoor Activities

Visits to places of interest and outdoor excursions.
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Sports Days

Essential for motor skills development.
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Sensory Camps

Fun, multi-sensory activities that promote cognitive development.
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Annual Concerts

Embracing the arts to empower children.
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Meet Our Teachers

What Parents Say

"My 12-year-old son Lakshman Elavarasan was initially moody and unhappy about attending online classes. However, after a few sessions, he eventually adjusted to the concept. All the teachers are helpful, supportive, and understanding. The teachers obliged our requests and feedback and have adapted some lessons for him, which successfully engaged him further.”
“My 11-year-old daughter Ayra Hannah took time to adjust to schooling from home when online classes commenced. I applaud the teachers for having high enthusiasm to engage my child and keep her focused. The teachers have the right skills and motivation as Ayra has not displayed online class fatigue or rejected it.”
Azrina Osman
“Since the government announced the closure of all schools due to Covid-19, the kids switched to virtual learning. Although it was challenging to cope initially, we slowly adapted to the environment. The teachers are very supportive of the students and are willing to lend a hand when needed. My 10-year-old daughter, Yu Yann, is now confident with her online lessons.”

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Latest News

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