The Activities

Taarana presents a holistic learning environment both inside and outside the classroom. From extracurricular activities to field trips, students engage in community life to gain independence, build confidence, and develop strong relationships with their peers.

Field Trip and Outdoor Activity

Visits to places of interest and outdoor excursions go a long way in helping special needs children develop life and support skills. Such programmes can also reduce anxiety or discomfort among those who follow a routine schedule.

Sports Day

Physical activity is as essential for children with special needs as any child. In addition, participating in sports can help boost self-confidence and improve skills in relationship building and working as part of a team.

Sensory Camp

Sensory camps are essential for special needs education, enabling kids to have a fun, sensory-based experience. In addition, multi-sensory activities help with improving awareness, alertness and promote cognitive development in children. 

Annual Concert

Special needs children generally have fewer opportunities to engage with the arts than their peers. Our annual concerts help a child’s development in many ways and is a beautiful activity for the whole family to enjoy.

Social Skills Camp

The benefits of a social skills camp for students with special needs are often the same as for any child: increased confidence and independence and the opportunity to interact with other kids and develop and build friendships.

Bazaar Day

Special days like Taarana’s Bazaar Day encourage our students to have fun while learning basic entrepreneurial skills. Taarana’s kids take the lead at selling food, produce and even their artwork to excited parents and supportive friends.