Our Mission

“This school is not just a school. It’s about every child’s life and us unlocking that ability and making them discover what they can do and become a contributing community member.”

– Umayal Eswaran, Chairperson, RYTHM Foundation

We believe in the potential of all children. 

With the right skills and sound education, Taarana School’s mission is to ensure we tap into that potential and help children discover their strengths, so they are ultimately fully equipped to face the future with conviction. 

We achieve this by developing their competence and confidence through a specially designed curriculum delivered by qualified and trained teachers. 

Internally developed and constantly evolving, Taarana’s curriculum combines our collective experience and regular consultations with leading experts to ensure we remain at the forefront of the strategies and methods employed in special education. 

Our Objectives

  • To deliver special needs education holistically
  • To nurture children in a safe and conducive environment
  • To enhance students’ learning process through specially designed, fun and meaningful activities
  • To provide support, encouragement, information, counselling, and resources to students’ families and caregivers
  • To support parents in advocating the rights of children with special learning needs