About Us

Vijayaratnam Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the QI Group of Companies in Malaysia which was established in 2006 focuses in building the human capital and is committed to the social empowerment of individuals, so that they can raise themselves to be better persons and contribute to the well being of their family, communities and society at large via four main focus areas – education, community development, arts & culture and the environment.

Our main focus under the education pillar is the empowerment of individuals in the field of special learning needs and in line with this a centre for children with special leaning needs, called TAARANA was set up in May 2011.

TAARANA means ‘Awakening’ in Sanskrit and was established by Vijayaratnam Foundation as a centre for children with special education needs. TAARANA is currently catering up to 52 children within the age group of 3-15who face challenges with the regular school curriculum and have delayed development academically, socially and adaptively.

TAARANA is dedicated to helping students with developmental delays and learning disability. We provide programs suitable for all our students understanding their strengths and weakness. Thus, each student follows and Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) that allows them to make progress at their own pace.

Our early year programs are based on intensive intervention model, which recognizes the importance of early intervention. We also provide intermediate programs which prepares our students both academically and functionally. Our academic programs follow modified mainstream curriculum. Our prevocational program trains students for their independent living.

By regularly getting involved and engaging with these children, we hope to help them make a smooth transition into society and be able to live meaningful lives.