Our Educators

Our Principal

Dr Sunitha Sivakumaran

Dr Sunitha is a former law practitioner, tutor, researcher and author with expertise in Intellectual Property and Competition Law. She explored special education following her son’s autism diagnosis in 2000. A need to help other parents of special children guided her to the principal role at Taraana.

I can draw on my successes and failures to help younger parents experiencing the same challenges and fears I did and help them make appropriate decisions.

Our Teachers

Kala Rani Naidu

Early Intervention Programme (EIP)

As an educator for over three decades, Kala has focused on special needs education for the last six years. Trained in Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology, guiding special needs children with the necessary skills is at the heart of her teaching.

I want to help as many children as possible. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing Taarana’s students learn and grow.

Nuramirah Ismail

Early Intervention Programme (EIP)

Teaching at Taarana since 2013, Nuramirah works with children on motor development, self-regulation and sensory needs. With a background in Occupational Therapy, she utilises innovative learning methods and hands-on training. Nuramirah also hopes to develop programmes to help children with social and adaptive skills.

The satisfaction of seeing breakthroughs in their progress fuels me further.

Chan Yee Bei

Early Transition Programme (ETP)

Chan has been teaching at Taarana since 2017. The psychology graduate discovered her love for special needs education while interning at a centre for autistic children. She aims to develop new learning strategies in the future.

I hope to develop new ways to boost the fundamental skills of special children. In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn.

Jaleha Mohd Isa

Language Skills (Academic 1, 2 and Pre-vocational)

Seeing learners progress in basic academic lessons and life skills is why Jaleha enjoys teaching. Trained in Psychology, she believes that effective methods can improve every learner’s abilities, irrespective of the subject or learner’s starting point.

Our students have taught me a lot: that patience is the key to success and that we should celebrate progress, however small.

Yusnorita Md Isa

Numeracy and Cooking Skills, Arts & Crafts

Yusnorita has been a teacher for a decade and has dedicated the last six years to Taarana’s learners. She enjoys creating learning experiences that encourage creativity.

Our creative programmes help them gain life skills and achieve independence. I have learned to be creative in teaching exceptional children, too, and I enjoy adapting to their learning styles.

Angie Loke

Cognitive Skills, Activities of Daily Living (ADL), Arts & Crafts

Angie started as a special needs teacher working with children with autism, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, and ADHD. Trained in Psychology, she teaches numerous subjects at Taarana, including computer skills and behaviour modification.

Helping children in their learning and seeing them work independently is highly fulfilling.

Dickson Yu


Dickson realised he wanted to work with exceptional children while volunteering at a special needs centre in his teens. A teacher at Taarana since 2021, his duties include reviewing students’ Negotiated Education Plan (NEP) and conducting interactive online classes. 

I realised then how fortunate I was and decided to study Psychology to help the community.

Naomi Nisha

Speech Therapy

While completing her Speech and Language Pathology degree, Naomi spent two years at four schools for children with different learning needs in India. She joined Taarana in 2019 and is responsible for assessing prospective students and conducting individual and group speech and language classes. 

The love and affection I got from the children made me want to continue working with them.

Noor Irni Hanida

Occupational Therapy

Before joining Taarana in 2015, Noor Irni Hanida gained experience at numerous educational and therapy centres around the country. Having been exposed to multiple challenges, the Occupational Therapist is ready to work with children of different characters and abilities.

Working with special children allows me to help them acquire the skills sets to perform daily activities, enhance their quality of life, and enjoy independent living.