Our Educators

Our Principal

Dr Sunitha Sivakumaran

Dr Sunitha is a former lawyer practitioner, lecturer, researcher, and author with Intellectual Property and Competition Law expertise. She explored special needs education following her son’s ASD diagnosis in 2000. A desire to help other parents of children with developmental disabilities guided her to the principal role at Taraana.

I can draw on my successes and failures to help younger parents experiencing the same challenges and fears I did and help them make appropriate decisions.

Our Teachers

G. Vanitha

Behaviour Interventionist

With a decade of experience behind her, Vanitha’s motivation lies in creating a safe and welcoming haven for neurodivergent children, ensuring they receive the support they need while helping with their growth, independence, and ability to conquer challenges while developing life skills.

My biggest reward is the profound sense of purpose I gain from assisting our students to become independent, overcome challenges, and develop life skills.

Nuramirah Ismail

Early Intervention Programme Teacher

Teaching at Taarana since 2013, Nuramirah works with children on motor skills development, self-regulation, and sensory needs. With a background in Occupational Therapy, she utilises innovative learning methods and hands-on training. She also hopes to develop programmes to help children with their social and adaptive skills.

The satisfaction of seeing breakthroughs in each child’s progress fuels me further, serving as a powerful source of motivation and inspiration.

Yusnorita Md Isa

Special Needs Teacher

Yusnorita has been a teacher for a decade and has dedicated the last eight years to Taarana’s learners. She enjoys creating learning experiences that encourage creativity, with Taarana’s creative programmes helping students gain life skills and independence.

I have learned to be creative in teaching exceptional children and enjoy adapting to their learning styles. This has enriched my teaching approach and deepened my connection with each student

Angie Loke

Early Interventional Programme Teacher

Angie started as a special education needs teacher working with children with autism, Down syndrome, Dyslexia, and ADHD. Trained in Psychology, she works in the Early Intervention Programme and is equipped with the skill set to identify and modify behaviours at a very young age.

Providing support to children in their learning journey and witnessing their gradual progression toward independence is a profoundly fulfilling experience.

Dickson Yu

Pre-vocational Teacher

Dickson realised he wanted to work with children with developmental disabilities while volunteering at a special needs centre in his teens. As a teacher at Taarana since 2021, his duties include crafting students’ Individual Education Plan (IEP) and developing students’ living skills.

I recognised my immense privilege and decided to pursue a Psychology degree to contribute to and support the community’s welfare.

Naomi Nisha

Speech Therapist

While completing her Speech and Language Pathology degree, Naomi spent a few years at schools for children with disabilities in India, gaining invaluable experience. She joined Taarana in 2019 and is responsible for assessing prospective students and conducting individual and group speech and language classes.

The genuine love and affection I receive from the children fuels my desire to continue working with them.

Noor Irni Hanida

Occupational Therapist

Before joining Taarana in 2015, Noor Irni gained valuable experience at numerous special education needs schools and therapy centres. Having been exposed to multiple areas of special education, the Occupational Therapist is well-equipped to work with children with developmental disabilities.

Working with these children allows me to help them acquire the skill sets to perform daily activities, enhance their quality of life, and enjoy independent living.

Nurul Farhana Abdul Rahman

Special Needs Teacher

Nurul Farhana finds joy in the ever-changing nature of teaching, where each day brings surprises and ensures that no day is dull. Her choice to work with children with developmental disabilities is driven by the fulfilment she gains from witnessing their progress.

I aspire to make daily contributions in the classroom that empower my students to progress and attain independence.

Anita Jeyanthi Subramaniam

Special Needs Teacher

In her current role teaching culinary and laundry skills, Anita is committed to empowering students with practical life skills, enabling them to prepare simple meals independently and handle their laundry needs, skills that can open doors to future job opportunities.

The most profound reward of working with Taarana’s students is the knowledge that I’ve played a pivotal role in improving their lives.

Mak Jia Wei

Special Needs Teacher’s Assistant

Driven by a genuine affection for children and armed with an academic background in Psychology, Mak is motivated to assist children facing challenges and guide them towards a sense of normalcy during difficult times.

I aspire to increase awareness and dispel misconceptions. Children with disabilities aren’t inherently misbehaving but facing distinct challenges in their journey.

Norrodiyana Kamaruddin

Special Needs Teacher’s Assistant

Norrodiyana chose to work with children with developmental disabilities because she believes in their unique abilities and potential. She strives to promote independence in Taarana’s students, fostering self-reliance and essential life skills.

The biggest reward is witnessing students’ growth and progress, building trust and creating a positive learning environment that helps them reach their full potential.