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Rockin’ Bazaar


As Rugrats other social settings, they develop a range of interpersonal skills that become the foundation of their personality. In order to guide them through this process, Taarana held its first ever Social Skills Camp from 2ndDecember 2013 to 11th December 2013.


In these two weeks, the bubbly kids learned many simple and basic social skills from their mentors such as ‘Thank you’, ‘You’re Welcome’ among other greetings and expressions.

These simple life lessons were imparted through songs and ‘spontaneous teaching’ methods.

The camp turned out to be great, and much of it was certainly attributed to the good leadership skills displayed by the teachers of Taarana. There was plenty of teamwork as everyone had fun during the art and craft activities and also while baking lip-smacking cookies and yummy cupcakes.

To mark the closing of the event, a cool bazaar was organised on 12th December 2013. It was a day of all things fun as our precious kids took turns showing off their newfound skills, selling home-made goodies to a crowd of excited customers! Parents, guardians and friends came by to support the charming bazaar! It was definitely a memorable day for the Taarana family.

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