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A Merry Mix: Taarana Ends the Year with Family Day and Christmas Celebration


This event marks a joyful moment for the students and signifies a holistic and supportive educational experience.

As the curtains drew on another year, our school lit up with an extraordinary glow recently. We gathered our students, their families, and our staff for a symphony of festive joy with our indispensable Family Day and Christmas Celebration!

This event is a cornerstone of Taarana School. It symbolises more than just an honour for our neurodiverse students – it is a joyous extension of festivities embracing their cherished families, too.

The festive ambience was heightened by various activities and games designed to infuse an extra layer of fun and interaction into the occasion.

Before all else, families seamlessly transitioned from one station game to the next, engaging in entertaining and prize-winning challenges such as ‘Candy Cane Fishing’, ‘Snowman Shooting’, and ‘Poke a Tree.’

The festive atmosphere endured with the children performing dances to classic Christmas songs. A group of carollers also delighted the crowd with more Yuletide melodies.

Santa Claus then made a vibrant and lively appearance to present the children with thoughtful gifts, culminating in a joyous and memorable experience for all.

A Year of Parental Support

This day also signifies our gratitude to parents and caregivers for their year-long collaboration and dedication to their children’s education and growth.

“Thank you, parents, for your cooperation over the past year,” said Dr Sunitha Sivakumaran, the Principal of Taarana.

“This support plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless application of the knowledge and skills our students have learned and apply in the home environment. This creates a more integrated and supportive learning experience for the children.

“We eagerly anticipate working more closely with you on your children’s educational journey in the coming year,” Dr Sunitha added.

The celebration is also a testament to the core values that underpin RYTHM Foundation’s commitment to fostering social transformation through education. The Foundation operates and manages Taarana.

“This event not only marks a joyful moment for the students and their families but also signifies the efforts invested in providing a holistic and supportive educational experience,” said Santhi Periasamy, the Head of RYTHM Foundation.