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Embracing Diversity: Taarana’s Joyous Chinese New Year Celebration!


Our objective is to encourage students to embrace the diverse festivals of Malaysia

At Taarana School, each day blossoms into a celebration of diversity and inclusion, and our recent Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration was no different!

With the school adorned in the radiant hues of festive red and gold, our students eagerly seized the chance to learn and revel in the beauty of CNY traditions through videos, activities, and games.

The day began with an introduction to the significance of CNY. The children learned about the various traditions and customs, including the symbolism behind the Chinese zodiac signs.

The next activity they eagerly embraced was the tradition of tossing Yee Sang, eagerly gathering to lob the vibrant ingredients into the air, symbolising the collective wish for prosperity and good fortune in the coming year. Afterwards, they relished the Yee Sang alongside a delightful assortment of snacks.

Outdoors, the children eagerly participated in a spirited dragon race. With dragon heads fashioned from boxes atop their heads, the challenge was clear: skillfully grasp a prized Mandarin orange through the dragon’s mouth! They excitedly skipped and dashed toward the coveted prize before returning to the starting line.

The next game presented a bit more of a challenge but was equally enjoyable: with their hands firmly behind their backs, they attempted to grasp slices of oranges suspended above them using only their mouths! This delightful game brought laughter and merriment among our staff and students.

The day wrapped up with peals of laughter and excitement, courtesy of a lively “fireworks” session. There was no need for concern, though, as it was a safe homemade version crafted from cylindrical cardboard, balloons, and confetti.

At Taarana, every celebration is a testament to the power of inclusivity and acceptance.

“Our objective is not only to promote the significance of CNY but also to encourage students to embrace the diverse festivals of Malaysia, fostering respect and tolerance towards cultural diversity,” said Taarana’s Principal, Dr Sunitha Sivakumaran.