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A Parent and Taarana School Teachers Share Stories of Progress


We have no regrets enrolling Nolan at Taarana!

Whenever six-year-old Taarana School student Nolan Ezra carefully closes a door or turns a light on or off at home, his mother Leena’s heart swells with pride.

These are simple tasks, but for Nolan, who has mild to moderate autism and global developmental delay, they posed daily challenges in communication and completing activities – until his enrolment at Taarana School.

The most significant breakthrough came with the introduction of Nolan’s new method of communication. He uses an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app called LetMeTalk, which lets him line up images to express himself.

He now communicates in ways he could not before. “Nolan can request food or express his discomfort. He is more independent and confident.”

Taarana is a place Nolan’s family considers a second home. “We have no regrets enrolling Nolan at Taarana!”

Leena exclaims, her eyes shining with gratitude.

Progress in Practice

Taarana’s teachers are more than educators; they inspire, nurture, and witness the transformative power of progress firsthand with children like Nolan.

Countless stories of resilience and triumph have marked their work at our school, including Behaviour Interventionist G. Vanitha. She remembers a student with severe sensory issues and behavioural challenges who made remarkable progress within just one of a few structured sessions.

“From learning to manage their feelings to becoming a confident learner, this student’s improvements reflect the power of specialised help and steady support,” explains Vanitha, who oversees Taarana’s Targeted Intervention Programme (TIP).

She has deep admiration for the children she works with. “Their disabilities do not hinder their growth. They inspire me constantly, and I learn from them.”

Nuramirah Ismail, a dedicated Early Intervention Programme (EIP) educator at Taarana for over a decade, passionately believes in progress and partnership. “Children with learning disabilities have unique behaviours,” she observes. “Witnessing their progress, even in simple tasks like putting on socks, is incredibly gratifying.”

Her words deeply resonate with parents and colleagues, capturing the essence of patience, understanding, and unwavering support that defines our school’s ethos.

Nuramirah stresses the importance of patience in nurturing the potential of children with developmental disabilities. “Patience is vital. Allow them to process what you would like them to do. They are aware, but you need to have the patience.

Angie Loke, also an EIP teacher, finds deep joy in her students’ progress. “The thing I enjoy most is seeing them continually improve,” she affirms. “Even small improvements are significant.”

Reflecting on a student’s journey, Angie shares, “This student joined Taarana as non-verbal and unable to understand instructions. Now, they are more vocal and follow instructions with a smile! Witnessing such development is priceless.”

For Angie, progress extends beyond the classroom. She underscores the vital partnership between parents and teachers. “The cooperation between parents and teachers is crucial. Without practice at home, our efforts – and the children’s – would be futile.”

At Taarana, progress is not merely a destination; it is a journey illuminated by hope, resilience, and boundless potential. As we traverse this path together, parents, teachers, and students alike are empowered by the profound truth that anything is achievable with patience, dedication, and unwavering support.