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Taarana’s Christmas Celebration


Our children at Taarana had a fantastic time at their Christmas celebration held on 14 December 2012. Yes, it meant Christmas trees, carols, gifts and a season to be ‘merry’ but there was more to it than this. Although the air was filled with anticipation and excitement, for our children, it was also a time to share special moments with each other and to show love and kindness. Of course, it was also about spreading the festive joy and cheer around.

Around 35 students from the morning and afternoon session attended the party which started with outdoor games such as musical chairs, several dance performances and all the children joining in the singing of Christmas carols. There was also a cake-cutting session and all the children were given snacks.

The day just got sweeter and more enjoyable as the children waited eagerly for the moment to exchange gifts as previously, their parents had taken them gift-shopping for their friends at the nearest shopping mall. Each child’s name was called out and they were absolutely thrilled to receive their individual gifts! The event ended at 12 p.m. leaving all the children happy with memories to last a lifetime.

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