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Taarana Sports Day 2019


Forty-five students from Taarana had an amazing time during Taarana Sports Day 2019 which was held on 20 April 2019 at SS3 MBPJ Multipurpose Hall, Kelana Jaya.

About 130 people consisting of the student’s parents and siblings also attended the sports day to lift their spirits and cheer them on.

The students have been practising the sports for three weeks and finally being able to show their skills to their family members.

Guest of honour Bukit Gasing assemblyman YB Rajiv Rishyakaran was also present to officiate the annual sports day which kicks start at about 9 am.

Children were put into groups of nine students in each group representing colours- red, blue, yellow and green before marching around the hall. Students participated in four different games namely Scooter Board, Bigfoot, Blanket Run and Match Us Together.

Parents participated in one of the games with their children. Parents also compete in the cross the river game among themselves with their children cheering them. The mothers’ group won that challenge.

On that day, 14 QI staff also volunteered to perform their Staff Social Responsibility by assisting the students in each game.

RYTHM Foundation chairperson Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran presented prizes to all students and she said the main objective of the sports day is to make our children get to experience the sense of accomplishment and feel the winning which gives them personal satisfaction.

“I am thankful for the continuous trust and support that the parents of these children have entrusted to the school. I would also like to thank the teachers for their continuous support to help these children to discover their talents to be a part of the society in the future,” she said.

Taarana’s annual sports day is among the many activities that were organised to help children with special needs integrate into mainstream society. The activities aim to encourage the children to become independent learners, build their self-confidence through positive sporting experiences and to prepare them to be able to participate in fun, competitive and recreational activities outside their school environment.