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Sensory Camp Discoveries


Children with special needs, especially those on the autism spectrum experience challenges with sensory processing. Sensory camps are an essential part of special needs education which also enable kids to have a fun, sensory-based camp experience. It was a weekend of fun and learning at a sensory camp held at Taarana School for 42 students between the ages of four and sixteen.

The much-awaited sensory camp included intervention activities in a camp-site environment, to stimulate their brain power and improve their understanding and comprehension through a series of fun, learning activities in a challenging environment. Designed as a one-night sleepover, the camp also enabled the students the opportunity to be as independent as possible with minimal assistance from the teachers. 

The kids participated in a broad range of structured goal-oriented activities such as sensory pathway, 5D cinema, water sprinkler game, memory grid game, giant bubble game and sponge bomb war game. Some of the activities were designed to help the kids learn better coordination which in turn will help them in carrying out their daily tasks more effectively.

The successful completion of the sensory camp was made possible with the help of several external volunteers who helped the Taarana staff take care of the children, helped with cooking healthy vegetarian meals, hosted a BBQ dinner and helped out with the games.

The Taarana sensory camp is the school’s unique annual camp designed to incorporate intensive sensory therapy for children with special needs children into each activity. Multi-sensory activities help with improving awareness, alertness and promotes cognitive development in the children.