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Fun-filled Taarana Annual Sports Day 2018


Taarana’s annual sports day, which was held on 7 April 2018 at SRJK (T) Seaport, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, saw 25 students participate in activities ranging from tossing game, balancing ping pong ball with a spoon, match & transfer and bowling. A total of 15 staff, 15 QI volunteers and about 50 parents and family members also participated in the event.

The Sports Day organised by Taarana is an event for students to gain personal satisfaction while having a fun. The games were put together to encourage better balance of motor skills and body awareness, as well as to allow the children to assess their own capabilities and to boost their self-confidence through positive sporting experience.

At the start of the day, the children formed four groups depending on their team’s ocean theme – Star fish, Octopus, Shark and Sea horse, before going on to the first activity of the day, the march pass and singing of the national anthem. Students participated in a number of fun games and parents also took part in a passing ball game.

Meanwhile, Ms. Jayamalar Samuel, Head of the Vijayaratnam Foundation said there is no greater satisfaction than seeing the children happy. “Their smile gives us the strength to do greater things for them every time, it is their happiness that matters most to us at the Foundation and Taarana.”

Taarana’s annual sports day is among the many activities that Vijayaratnam Foundation organises to help children with special needs integrate into mainstream society. The activities aim to encourage the children to become independent learners, build their self-confidence through positive sporting experiences and to prepare them to be able to participate in fun, competitive and recreational activities outside their school environment.