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Taarana’s Special Needs Children Showcase Artistic Talent


The children of Taarana School displayed a splendid performance at their annual concert in Malaysia on October 17th, voicing themselves through artistic expression.

These 38 students, aged between four and 12 years, showcased several dance numbers, singing and group presentations that highlighted their courage and confidence in a special 90-minute show.

Themed “Communication through Diversity,” the children’s heart-warming performance drew much applause and admiration from the 300-crowd gathered at the SJK Chung Kwo auditorium.

The non-verbal communication aspect of the concert was particularly compelling because these children have difficulty communicating verbally, so the performance served as their voice. It was truly inspiring to watch our students with behavioural and emotional challenges make such beautiful movement on stage, using their creative talents to express themselves.

Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran, Chairperson of Vijayaratnam Foundation said, “Taarana is a school that caters to special needs children and helps them realise their full potential. We hope to provide them with the ability to lead an independent life. The best way to appreciate something is to see it coming from gifted children because they have their own way of expressing their feelings and love as well as their hidden talents.

“At Taarana, we have helped children with learning disability realise their true potential. We have even helped “graduate” four of our students back to normal school at the start of the year because of the progress they achieved at Taarana. The school is now in need of support from every strata of society, hoping for generous donors and individuals to help the school reach out and impact more children who are in need of special education.

“Taarana has a reputation for excellence and is an invaluable resource for Special Needs Children due to the level of care and expertise it offers. However, we are limited in terms of financial strength to reach out to more children who are in dire need of special education care. Taarana, together with the Vijayaratnam Foundation shall be organising awareness campaigns and fund raising programmes to provide an avenue for generous Malaysians, the private sector and corporations, to contribute and be part of this wonderful project, ” explained Datin Sri Umayal.

QI Group Executive Chairman, Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran, who was also present at the concert, paid tribute to the unstinting efforts and dedication of all those who had supported Taarana’s endeavours, especially the teachers for their persistence and perseverance.

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