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Taarana Kids Enthral Audience


The pupils of Taarana put on a magnificent variety show at their concert recently and had the audience in awe. The 53 children, aged between three and fifteen years, displayed courage and confidence to take to the stage and showcased their skills during a ninety-minute performance that included several dance numbers, singing and group presentations.

Themed “Rainbow Connection,” the children proved their talents with a heart-warming performance that drew much applause and admiration from the three hundred crowd gathered at the National Museum Auditorium.

Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran, the Chairperson of Vijayaratnam Foundation who runs the school, described Taarana as “a labour of love, fuelled by a passion to serve.”

“It is a school that caters to special needs children and helps them realise their full potential. We hope to provide them with the ability to lead an independent life. The best way to appreciate something is to see it coming from gifted children because they have their own way of expressing their feelings and love as well as their hidden talents.

“People with special needs are not weird and these kids are special not only in their needs, but in their brilliance. They want to be respected, cared and loved for who they are. I will never give up on them,” pledged Datin Sri Umayal.

Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran who was also present at the concert, paid tribute to the unstinting efforts and dedication of all those who had supported Taarana’s endeavours, especially the teachers for their persistence and perseverance.

“I am astonished to see what we have achieved every year. The wonderful teachers of Taarana have been the key to Taarana’s growth. The children are magnificent and precious, and can grow up to be greatest contributors to the planet,” noted Dato Sri Vijay.