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Parenthood Mag Shares Our Teacher’s Guide on Teaching Living Skills to Special Children


“Instilling joy in living skills need not be an arduous ordeal for parents.”

Parents may start teaching typical children essential life skills like using the bathroom, how to use utensils, and getting dressed from an early age. However, as the children grow and other life skills come into play, learning these abilities could be far more challenging for special needs children.

But instilling joy in living skills need not be an arduous ordeal for parents of special children, as a recent article by Taarana School’s pre-vocational teacher, Dickson Yu, explains. The article appears in the online version of Parenthood Magazine, Malaysia’s pioneer and longest-running mother and baby publication.

With patience, preparation, and perseverance, parents of special needs children may find that their child can learn life skills they didn’t think possible, Dickson writes.

Click on the link below to learn how you can start your child on simple living skills through a few simple steps.