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Taarana’s Students Make a Day of Lasting Memories and Learning at Farm in the City Outing


The excursion wasn’t just about having fun. It was also a fantastic opportunity for the students to practice lessons learned in Taarana.

On a sunny Friday morning in January, the Taarana School community set off on an adventure to the Farm in the City in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, for a school trip that would be a journey and experience to remember.

Excitement filled the air as the school’s staff prepared 20 of Taarana’s students to immerse themselves in a world of farm animals, greenery, and learning opportunities.

As they arrived at the farm, the children were greeted by a menagerie of friendly animals, each with unique personalities and quirks. The staff led the students on a journey of discovery, where they learned about the animals’ habitats and names and even got to feed them.

They interacted with, among others, Koi fish, a giant tortoise, various bird species, and numerous other tame and exotic animals.

For many of the children, this was the first time they had ever been so close to such creatures, and it was a truly magical experience. They even voluntarily interacted with the animals when encouraged by the farm staff!

But the excursion wasn’t just about having fun. It was also a fantastic opportunity for the students to practice lessons learned in Taarana about self-awareness, social responsibility, travel, communication, daily living, and social skills.

As the day progressed, the kids also had the opportunity to practice their receptive and expressive language skills alongside learning about safety awareness and potential dangers.

The teachers and therapists also encouraged the children to practice self-care, for example, washing their hands before and after mealtime. This trip also allowed the students to improve their social skills by getting along with others and participating in society.

The trip was also a valuable learning experience for Taarana’s teaching staff. They observed the students’ sensory challenges and areas of self-advocacy that needed intervention, providing them with the knowledge to plan each student’s future support.

The students and staff returned to school tired but fulfilled as the day ended. The trip was an exciting and valuable learning opportunity that will stay with the students for years.

Taarana School presents a holistic learning environment both inside and outside the classroom. From extracurricular activities to field trips, students engage in community life to gain independence, build confidence, and develop strong relationships with their peers.