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Joy As Taarana School Hosts First Sports Day in Nearly 2 Years


“These games help students learn problem-solving and teamwork, build self-esteem and improve their motor and social skills.

They might have had to skip their fun and games last year and the year before due to the COVID-19 crisis, but the children of Taarana School were on their marks for their first sports day in nearly two years.

This year, the event was organised as a “Mini Sports Day” within Taarana’s grounds instead of an external venue to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved.

Fifteen students had a fantastic time participating in the numerous activities and games. Some of the students’ parents and siblings also attended the event to lift the children’s spirits and cheer them on.

The day started with a warm-up exercise before the children participated in four games: ‘Giant Lazy 8’, ‘Spraying Cups and Cans’, ‘Throwing Bean Bags’, and ‘Passing Colourful Balls.’

Taarana’s Principal, Dr Sunitha Sivakumaran, said the school’s teachers put much thought into the cheery and frolicsome games.

“These games help students learn problem-solving and teamwork, build self-esteem and improve their motor and social skills,” Dr Sunitha explained.

“For example, the ‘Giant Lazy 8’ game involving a hula hoop to steer a ball around a big eight chalked on the ground helps develop muscles, coordination, and other physical skills.”

Praise from Parents

Parents in attendance applauded Taarana’s teaching staff for arranging a fun-filled day for them and their children. They also commended the school for the marked improvements in their children since being enrolled at Taarana.

Madam Sivanes, whose son Lakshman has been a student at the school since 2016, said, “I genuinely appreciate the teachers’ efforts in organising the sports day,” she said. “I am grateful that Taarana could finally bring together parents and children for a fun-filled day like this.

“I am also happy with the school’s programme for my son. He has improved tremendously academically with his reading and writing. Taarana is a good school,” Madam Sivanes added.

Madam Yeoh Weay Weay, the mother of 11-year-old Tan Jia Loong, also commended Taarana’s teachers for putting together a triumphant event.

“Jia Loong had a great time. It was evident that the teachers took a lot of trouble planning the day and organising the games. They are a patient and passionate group,” she said.

Madam Yeoh had similar praise for Jia Loong’s progress at Taarana since 2019. “He is steadily progressing through the individual plan set for him. It also helps that he is used to and likes the school’s environment.”

Another parent, Puan Nurul, described the event as enjoyable for the parents and children. She remarked, “It was well-organised. While the school took the necessary precautions, getting kids out of the classroom and participating in activities is important.”

The mother of Muhammad Eshan Ghazi described her son’s progress at Taarana as remarkable. The 13-year-old is mildly autistic with hyperlexia, a condition when a child starts reading early and beyond their expected ability.

“He was a non-verbal communicator until we enrolled him at Taarana in 2016. He showed tremendous progress in his communication skills within months of joining the school.”

Taarana School’s Sports Days are among many activities the school organises to help children with special needs integrate into mainstream society. The activities aim to encourage the children to become independent learners, build their self-confidence through positive sporting experiences, and prepare them to participate in fun and recreational activities outside their classroom.