Key Programmes & Strategies

Early Intervention Programme (EIP) (3-5 years old)

  • EIP provides a balance of therapeutic, educational and support activities in a play based caring environment, to nurture the development and needs of a child with disabilities.
  • Basic sensory processing / sensory integration therapy
  • Training on basic and higher cognitive functioning
  • Parenting programme / family education
  • Play therapy

School Programmes (5 years onwards)

  • Intensive Programme
  • Intermediate Programme
  • Lower Primary Academic Programme
  • Transitional Programme
  • Upper Primary Academic Programme
  • Pre-vocational Programme

Overall Strategies Applied

  • Visual Strategies
  • Teacch: Structured teaching programme
  • PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System
  • Sign Language
  • Communication models (Hanen, AVB, RDI)
  • ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)