Early Intervention Plan (EIP)

The Early Intervention Plan (EIP) is a unique programme designed for kids with special needs who are in their most vulnerable years; it reaches out to children with disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, ADD, GDD, CP and other learning disabilities, who are between three to six years of age.

The EIP provides a balance of therapeutic, educational and support activity in a play-based caring environment, to nurture the development and needs of these children.

Why is EIP beneficial to your child?

• Uses a trans-disciplinary approach – involves parents and an occupational and speech therapist

• Promotes interest in schooling

• Teaches problem-solving skills

• Helps with Communication & Interaction Skills, Imitation & Attending Skills

• Increases self esteem

• Encourages learning through play

• Builds up Independent Skills

An integral aspect of the EIP programme is that it takes into consideration the individual needs of your child and family. This is done through:

→ Basic sensory processing/Sensory integration therapy

→ Training on basic and higher cognitive functioning

→ Parenting programme/family education

→ Play therapy