For the benefit of the children, weekly activities that are self-empowering, self-enhancing and self-improving are provided by Taarana. These activities are planned so that the children have a balanced, wholesome and productive life and are able to take on whatever challenges they might face in life. The activities include:

1. Manasa Yoga Programme

  • Once a week
  • As a form of meditation and to improve concentration and reduce anxiety








2. Taekwondo

  • Once a week
  • Primarily for exercise and for self-discipline








3. Aquatic Education Programme (aqua therapy)

  • Once a week
  • To improve cognitive processing, motor skills and coordination, self-esteem, socialisation and water safety. Also good as a form of relaxation and for better posture.








4. Speech Therapy

  • Once a week
  • Individual and group sessions
  • To have a better understanding of words that are said, or to gain knowledge of words to express one-self better. Also deals with articulation and fluency.









5. Occupational Therapy

  • Weekly individual and group sessions
  • To ensure Functional independence through therapeutic activities that improve motor skills and enhance cognitive and social abilities







6. Music Lesson

  • Once a week
  • Teaches children to be creative and productive socially, physically, cognitively, emotionally and also in language








There are also certain activities carried out to develop social and life skills. These include dining, field trips as well as indoor and outdoor activities such as cooking, gardening and craft. In terms of physical education, structured games are lined up to develop gross motor and social skills.