Cultural Programme by Taarana Students Brings Deepavali Cheer

Their beaming faces, happy demeanour, and colourful attire showed what it meant to mark Deepavali.

On 12th November 2021, Taarana’s talented students took part in a fashion show, drama, and kolam-making to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

The day’s programme kicked off with the fashion show. The young ‘models’ wore ethnic Indian attire and strutted in charming style as they carried artworks symbolising the festival.

The play themed ‘On The Return Of King Rama After Defeating Ravana’ saw the children act their respective roles with great enthusiasm. Teacher Dickson narrated the significance of the Hindu festival during the play — the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.

No Deepavali celebration is complete without the kolam. The students filled the decorative motif with coloured rice grains guided by their teachers.

Later, the students and teachers enjoyed a sumptuous vegetarian banana leaf lunch.

Taarana Principal, Dr Sunitha Sivakumaran, also handed out goodie bags with traditional Deepavali snacks from Majlis Bandaran Petaling Jaya (MBPJ).

The experiential event fostered learning about Deepavali in a fun way.



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