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Toast with Strawberry Jam Recipe

By Noor Irni Hanida Occupational Therapist Continuing on from last month’s post, we have included a recipe for toast with strawberry jam for you to try! You will need: Tools: Steps:  1. Put both slices of bread on the plate. 2. Spread some strawberry jam on the bread. 3. Put the bread together. 4. Plug in the sandwich maker. 5. Turn on the timer for more »

Cooking Skills and How We Do It at Taarana?

Cooking is part of our curriculum. The goal is to equip our students for independent living.  There are several skills sets that are involved in teaching cooking skills

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Toilet Training

Toilet training may be considered the most challenging process that parents encounter with their child during the early stages of his or her life. It is an individualized developmental process that all children will progress at their own

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