The School


RYTHM Foundation advocates for an inclusive educational environment that allows children of all abilities and equal access to quality education. Taarana was established in Malaysia when the Foundation identified a dire need for resources and support for children with special learning needs and their families. With Taarana, RYTHM Foundation hopes to raise awareness about the importance of special needs education and help change attitudes and practices associated with special children. RYTHM Foundation is proud to contribute to UN SDG 4 that strives to provide every child with equal access and opportunity to knowledge and learning to unlock their potential.

Taarana, which means ‘Awakening’ in Sanskrit, was established as a centre for children with special needs in May 2011 in line with our main focus under the RYTHM Foundation’s education pillar – to empower individuals with special needs.

Our Special Education Programme is based on a Negotiated Education Plan (NEP). The NEP refers to a bespoke educational programme that is developed, executed and routinely assessed by our teachers. The NEP aims to have personalised goals and developmental milestones tailored to meet the needs of each child and is drawn up with the consultation of the child’s parents, which challenges each child and helps them progress along their respective developmental paths.

To maximise the efficacy of the NEP, regular consultation and collaboration with the child’s family is encouraged.

This is achieved through a mutually agreed approach to ensure that there is consistency in the treatment and expectations of the child to achieve the best outcome possible. The Special Education Programme is available to eligible students from the ages of 4-18.

At Taarana, we cater for students with ADD, ADHD, AUTISM, Dyspraxia, Down Syndrome and Global Development Delay.