This year Roshan has improved in social skills, speech and fine motor skills.  He is not exactly talking yet but his oro-motor dyspraxia is improving i.e. he is able to blow, bite, chew better and has started to vocalise words. He enjoys the feeling of accomplishments when he does things right.  We are always proud of you Roshan.  Thank you Taarana for speeding up his learning, understanding and helping us.  God Bless and sincere regards.

Dr Padmini

From a parent’s point of view, I am most satisfied with the fact that I am able to have proper two way communication with Shane albeit a few simple words, I am able to understand him and vice versa, this helps me attend to his needs. Shane has also developed into a better behaved boy; especially in public. Hence we are able to do more things outdoors. This creates a special bond between us. He also takes instructions well, and obliges accordingly. His writing skills or drawing skills have definitely improved. He is more tolerant now with his sister when they play together. Overall the changes have been positive, and much appreciated.

Matthew Abraham

As a parent, I am very happy to see improvements in my son, Keizrul Zarief. He joined Taarana on September 2012, and since then, we have seen great improvements in his eye contact when he is interacting with us. In terms of listening to instructions, there have been improvements but so far, it is not that noticeable as for now. Keizrul’s attempts on producing sounds and speech have also improved and we are very proud of him. Nowadays, he is also more calmed in demeanour.  I am not sure whether this is a good but my wife and I is very happy the fact that my son’s curiosity and courage in tactile – sensory behaviour has also improved Thank you, to the teachers and staff of Taarana in making it all possible for us.

Encik Khairul Fadzli