Monthly Archives: September 2021

Ensuring A Smooth Transition into Puberty for Special Needs Teenagers

The word ‘puberty’ strikes fear in most parents as their children go through this confusing and uncomfortable stage in life

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Power of Role and Pretend Play

An interesting part of my job as a speech therapist is that I get to role play and pretend play with my students.

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Toast with Strawberry Jam Recipe

By Noor Irni Hanida Occupational Therapist Continuing on from last month’s post, we have included a recipe for toast with strawberry jam for you to try! You will need: Tools: Steps:  1. Put both slices of bread on the plate. 2. Spread some strawberry jam on the bread. 3. Put the bread together. 4. Plug in the sandwich maker. 5. Turn on the timer for more »