Yearly Archives: 2019

Taarana Students Showcase their Green Fingers, Planting and Harvesting Vegetables for Sale

It was a fulfilling sight to see Taarana students reap the fruits of labour from their very own aquaponic garden. From simply being thrilled with having a garden to play in

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Taarana Sensory Camp – Discovering A Unique Learning Environment

Children with special needs, especially those on the autism spectrum experience challenges with sensory processing. Sensory camps are an essential part of special needs education which also enable kids to have a fun

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Taarana Sports Day 2019

Forty-five students from Taarana had an amazing time during Taarana Sports Day 2019 which was held on 20 April 2019 at SS3 MBPJ Multipurpose Hall, Kelana Jaya. About 130 people consisting of the student’s parents and siblings also attended the sports day to lift their spirits and cheer them on. The students have been practising the sports for three weeks and finally being able more »